Scott’s Newsletter #43

The Wall Street Journal (paywall) tells you the secret to business success is to do less. (Hey, that rhymes ) In reality, it’s what could I work on that creates the most value.

I really dig what Axios is doing. I feel like they really get what consumers want in a news product. Buzzfeed profiled the company that turned one-year-old this month.

Like WWE or not, they were one of the pioneers in OTT. Deadspin profiled the WWE Network.

To go or not to go? Where? To Amazon’s Go store, where there are no cashiers. This is the future of retail.

Everything written about voice assistants has been positive. The New York Times took a look from the other angle.

Ben Thompson of Stratechery (paywall) interviewed Facebook’s VP of News Feed Adam Mosseri.

The NBA and Verizon are partnering on a number of innovative new technology initiatives.

Buy any Bitcoin lately? This New York Times profiles (lots of profiles this week!) the life of the newest members of the Millionaires Club.

I’m still a believer in Apple News (Google AMP, too). Looks like the platform continues to show traffic promise for publishers.

Finally, Home Alone is a favorite holiday movie of mine. I enjoyed this Macaulay Culkin interview on Marc Maron’s podcast.

Rock and Roll.

My last newsletter had an open rate of 49.7% (-0.3%).

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