Scott’s Newsletter #45

I’m writing this from sunny Orlando, Florida, where the family took a trip after I spent last week in Los Angeles. Before I get on to this week’s reads, I would like to ask for your help. I look at the data each week to see how this email performs and which stories you’re clicking on. But if you could take just one minute to fill out this quick survey, I’d really appreciate it. I understand how many emails you probably get, so if there are ways I can make this one of the most valuable, I’d love to help.

On to this week’s reads…

I wrote my first blog post in months: Digital Marketing Circle. The post covers the core components of the digital marketing circle that I teach in my DM class at NYU. I thought the post would serve as valuable additional context to the lesson — and something you may like to read.

TechCrunch published some excerpts from the new Snap bio book. Let’s just say they’re juicy.

Speaking of Snap, Google AMP is working with publishers to create Snap-like content on the web. As a fan of AMP, I would absolutely be exploring this if I was still at The New York Times.

Another format I’m bullish on is Apple News. The Information (paywall) went behind-the-scenes of how the News team works with publishers, something I know all too well.

A Buzzfeed writer cracked the Facebook algorithm to unlock a flaw in how it prioritizes engaging posts.

And speaking of Facebook: Wired put together this history on the news organization’s social network’s last two years.

Chadwick Boseman, star of the movie Black Panther, was all over L.A. this weekend – I think I saw him at least once a day. The Ringer wrote why Black Panther might just be Marvel’s best superhero movie yet.

The Harvard Business Review always has valuable content. This read helps you understand why people are unhappy at work, which could help you make them happier.

Finally, I had minor surgery a few weeks ago. The stories I told coming out of the anesthesia were that of legend (love you, Jess!). Apparently, I’m not alone.

Rock and Roll.

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