Scott’s Newsletter #2


Last week, I tackled the topic of marketing on mobile web and how a perfectly executed campaign can still fail. This comes down to the fact that great marketing can’t overcome a bad conversion funnel.

Facebook announced a major change to their algorithm on Wednesday, prioritizing friends and family posts and shares over brand content. As I wrote that day, I believe it was a pure business play aimed at Q3 revenue, based on the timing of the announcement.


The players behind-the-scenes at Twitter have always fascinated me. This profile on Ev Williams in The Atlantic covers his past (Blogger/Twitter) and present (Medium).

Mike Allen recently announced he’s moving on from Politico, where he’s been writing his daily popular political newsletter, The Playbook. This 2010 profile from The New York Times Magazine showed his commitment to his craft.

Facebook has been stealing a share of Google’s ad revenue. But Google still gets the top billing in terms of where people want to work.

I have a car that I drive to the train station every day to head into New York City. For many, though, their transportation dependency is on Uber. But when Uber and Lyft flee a city, the drivers are forced to use Facebook to find passengers.

There are more than 2m apps in Apple’s App Store. That makes discoverability near nonexistent for many apps, which has developers abandoning their products quicker than ever before. Speaking of the App Store, has a first look at how paid search ads will appear and work there.

Bank of America is taking Apple Pay to the next level: allowing consumers to withdrawal cash from ATMs using the technology.

This Recode story Amazon is okay. The chart, however, that shows the services that use the most upstream and downstream data across the internet, however, is fascinating.

Twitter has the opportunity to make bank on advertising from their NFL streaming deal. If they pull it off (all early signs from Cannes says they will), investor confidence should rise. Stickers are also on the horizon for Twitter users. In case you didn’t know, they’re actually a pretty popular thing.

I’ve always had a “side job.” It isn’t about money, but how to continue to grow professionally outside of the 9-to-5. It seems like I’m not the only millennial who prefers the “hustle.”

Ad blockers are rising in popularity. The two main draws are removing those invasive ads and to speed up the experience. But Mobile Marketer found ad blockers may actually slow down sites, especially in travel and banking.

Finally, one of my biggest technological desires has been adding offline streaming to Netflix. It’s one of the appeals of Spotify and Amazon. LightReading reports that I may get my wish later this year.

Rock and Roll.

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