Scott’s Newsletter #9


Some asked for it, everyone gets it. Last week I put together a 2k-word overview of my NYU E-commerce Marketing class, how I became a teacher and a session-by-session (1-4) recap. Perhaps next semester I’ll get to posting about each class each week, but baby steps. The semester is 14 weeks long so look for the next recap later this month.


Who’s going to buy Twitter? Disney, Salesforce, Google. If anyone knows, it’s Nick Bilton.

Should Trump win, The New Yorker previews his first term in office. I’ve interviewed Trump twice, including in 2014.

Spotify has Discover Weekly and Release Radar, two popular playlists I subscribe to. Bloomberg (which also gave Winery Passport a shout recently) goes behind-the-scenes to explore how they’re perfecting the playlist.

Deflategate (i.e. Tom Brady cheating) is finally (finally!) over — Brady returned from his four-game suspension on Sunday. The Times talked to the scientists who determined the balls were definitely tampered with. Preview: Their task was not easy.

Sticking with the sports theme: Vin Scully, the longtime voice of the Dodgers retired. If ESPN’s first-person account of his career doesn’t inspire you, nothing else will.

I’m writing this watching the A.L. Wild Card game (minutes later: my team, the Orioles, just lost). It’s only relevant to point out what hitters actually see coming out of the pitcher’s hand. I’m fascinated by this.

Snapchat is releasing glasses. I can’t picture them doing well. Get it?

NPR isn’t happy when you take your radio show and also run it on Pandora. At least that’s what happened to This American Life.

Apple Music has been fully redesigned in iOS 10. Buzzfeed takes a look at what Apple is trying to accomplish in their second act.

The NY Times released Apple Pay for mobile web in September — a project I am proud to have led. At the same time, the paper had a feature on one-click purchase technology. This is also a story I shared with my NYU class this week.

Cobalt powers the battery the very phone you’re likely reading this on, among other electronics. How it is obtained, however, is questionable, as the Washington Post found.

Amazon loves competition. Next up is the United States Postal Service and other shipping services. One way: drones.

Meanwhile, Amazon might also start dropping packages inside your home. Fun fact: my mailman randomly did that last weekend, while I was home and it was raining outside.

Making a Meal Kit

Those aren’t drugs on the big screen, they’re baking soda and crazy glue.

Finally, science tells us about atoms and photosynthesis. It also tells us the Top 10 most uplifting songs of all time.

Rock and Roll.

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