Scott’s Newsletter #18


I’m always fascinated by what apps are on people’s home screen. It can tell a lot about a person. Here’s what’s on mine.


Sleep is important, even if our president brags about how little he needs to function. That might not be the best way to work.

I’ll read almost anything Nick Bilton writes. This Vanity Fair piece on how Hollywood is transitioning is deep.

One of the most intriguing (staged) events in sports is the WWE’s Royal Rumble. CBS Sports wrote a fascinating history on the event.

Credit to Huffington Post for innovating/copying Snapchat Discover’s format and implementing it on their own site.

Snapchat is often billed as the next TV. It’s a bold statement that the Wall Street Journal tries to validate.

A former Twitter exec friend wrote this amazing piece on leadership, one of the hardest jobs to master.

Apple News hasn’t killed off Flipboard like many thought it would. In fact, Flipboard is still thriving and just came out with a great new redesign.

Finally, fax machines are a thing of the past for most industries except for college football.

Rock and Roll.

My last newsletter had an open rate of 40.2% (+8.6%).

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