Scott’s Newsletter #29

Forget paper. This college is incorporating augmented reality into their acceptance letters.

Speaking of A.R.: This concept for Airbnb home tours is a perfect application.

Business Insider has the behind-the-scenes on Amazon’s tough negotiations with Whole Foods

Facebook is ready to test paid subscriptions in the newsfeed. My feeling: Facebook is too far up the funnel to sell subscriptions directly on there.

The Wall Street Journal (paywall) goes inside Mark Zuckerberg’s trips to meet town folk across the country.

This is how Instagram’s algorithm works – well, at least partially.

The life of baseball’s biggest future star is crazy. He’s also still only in high school.

Welcome to the club where retired athletes get together to talk about life, money and health.

Apple may dominate device sales, but they’re starting to lag behind on video.

Finally, you may want to pass on the coffee or hot tea next time you’re flying the friendly skies.

Rock and Roll.

My last newsletter had an open rate of 36.9% (-8.3%).

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