Scott’s Newsletter #30


I published my first blog post in about three months last week. I had actually started this one before I left The New York Times in April, but never getting around to hitting the go-live button. It’s about judgment and how complicated we make things because of it. Our kids, meanwhile, view all opportunities at face value.


I own stock in Snap. I’ve lost money on the stock I own of Snap. I’m not betting against them yet — and neither is Vanity Fair’s Nick Bilton.

Speaking of Vanity Fair: they checked out what’s going on at my old stomping grounds, The New York Times.

To build or buy, that’s often the question. Instead of buying Pinterest, Amazon built their own (paywall) social network.

Digiday reports that Facebook is giving publishers more metrics, just as they start to explore (this was looked at when I was at The Times) implementing a paywall.

First, Amazon. Then, Google. Then, Apple. Now, Facebook? The speaker market is getting crowded.

Amazon has opened up their amazing payment technology to retail.

This piece by The Information is one of the best overviews of where augmented reality is today and going among the major tech companies.

VR is often talked about more than it’s used. That hasn’t stopped publishers from spending big bucks on the space.

I love reading oral histories. This one is on the popular video game NBA Jam.

Finally, moving to the NBA meant working in NJ, saving me more than an hour of commuting time in the morning. That’s nothing compared to what these commuters endure.

Rock and Roll.

My last newsletter had an open rate of 37.6% (+0.7%).

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