Scott’s Newsletter #5

I’m on vacation next week so there will be no new blog post. I’ll make this newsletter meaty to make up for that.


Ad blocker adoption continues to grow, especially outside of the United States. But there is a misconception that the technology makes the user experience better. I explain why. Then again, you can also be like Facebook and “force” ads on consumers.


I’m a proud (non-card carrying) member of Amazon Prime. Their efficiencies, especially around delivery, are some of the best in the world. The New York Times took a look at the future of their shipping methods.

Mobile Growth Stack put together a nice summary on the current state of user accounts and their impact on retention and engagement.

Fast Company takes readers behind-the-scenes at Apple, speaking with a few of their key players about the state of the company today and where they’re headed — at least what they’ll tell us.

New York Magazine interviewed a ton of top media professionals about the current landscape. This is a must read for anyone looking for a wide range of perspectives.

Bots are either the most under-hyped or over-hyped technology of 2016. Purple, a startup structured around SMS, is pivoting to Facebook Messenger.

This Search Engine Watch story about mobile web purchases surpassing app purchases isn’t that surprising. It’s a matter of top-of-funnel volume. What has improved over the years is conversion, which will also get another boost with Apple Pay for web when it’s released next month.

Newsletter editors are the new important people in the newsroom. Considering I edit this newsletter, and am a one-man operation, I guess that makes me pretty important.

Hulu is saying goodbye to their free television service.

Netflix, meanwhile, which doesn’t have a free offering, is getting more secure.The company is focused on HTTPs.

I have two kids: one is 4.5 and the other 20 months. My son, in particular, knows how to use the iPhone — I can remember the first time he skipped an ad on YouTube; blew my mind. My wife and I limit their screen time, which experts say is necessary for development.

I enjoy speaking at conferences throughout the year. For those who don’t enjoy public appearances, you may want to try this tactic: talking to dogs. Here’s also a story on the last conference I spoke at.

Finally, this company probably knows you better than your spouse, friends or family.

Rock and Roll.

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