Scott’s Newsletter #14

First off, I want to apologize about the double email and certain links not working in the last newsletter. I’ll be honest: I outsource the production work of the newsletter after writing it. I promise to do a better job of checking these things.

Second, and more importantly, I want to wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season. You’ll hear from me again on New Year’s Eve night, but until then, I appreciate the support over the last six months.


I had planned on doing three overviews related to what I’m covering in my e-commerce marketing class at NYU, but since it took me so long to get the second out, I consolidated the entire semester to just two. Here is the latest installment. Stay tuned for an announcement about the Spring 2017 semester.


I’m a big fan (& subscriber) of The Information — they do a great job covering the tech industry. Here’s an inside look.

Instagram is one of my favorite social networks. This Bloomberg piece on how to become an influencer on the platform was fascinating.

Thanks to Amazon Now, I finally got my hands on a Nintendo Classic. (My four-year-old son is definitely not reading this.) ESPN’s feature on the most coveted game in Nintendo history was surprising.

Price manipulation is a major (and favorite) topic of mine to cover in class. Some major brands just got slapped on the wrist for it.

The New York Times explored tech company monopolies.

Speaking of tech, President Obama is said to be considering a career in the field once he “retires.”

Think that last job interview was hard? Try interviewing for one at the White House… and Donald Trump.

Fact: Google has made a lot of money. Fiction: Google has been frugal.

Need some good reads heading into 2017. has a list of their top story picks from this year. One of my favorites: What Happened to Eastern Airlines Flight 980.

Finally, my favorite Chinese food dish is General Tso’s chicken. Sadly, the founder of the hit dish died recently.

Rock and Roll.

My last newsletter had an open rate of 33.7% (-2.6%).

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