Scott’s Newsletter #20

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Tweets in The Times. The newspaper began publishing them on their redesigned print pages.

Netflix wants to bring Choose Your Own Adventure (not the books) to their platform.

Want to understand cable news better? Cheddar’s Jon Steinberg breaks it down really well.

Snap has quite the interesting real estate strategy.

This is what happens when you subscribe to push notifications from a dozen publishers.

Benedict Evans takes you down the path of Google and Facebook’s control of the internet.

This David Letterman interview is insightful. One of the best interviewers in the world.

I’ve had to read the iTunes Terms & Conditions many times. This format makes them a lot more digestible.

Ben Thompson (Stratechery) talks to Bill Simmons. This is fun.

Finally, my 1 hour,30 minute commute isn’t fun. At least these apps don’t need data to help me cope.

Rock and Roll.

My last newsletter had an open rate of 37.7% (+1.7%).

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