Scott’s Newsletter #11

Don’t forget to honor everyone’s favorite time of year: daylight savings. Actually, I think it’s everyone’s favorite time except for parents. Kids + schedules / difficulty keeping them on schedule = nightmare. My kids are actually pretty good, but doesn’t mean they honor that extra hour of sleep we gain overnight. Maybe I’ll have to pay them to wake up later, just like experts say to do to get them to eat their vegetables.

Please feel free to share this newsletter with your friends and family. Looking to reach a subscriber goal by the end of the year — and I keep having to delete these sign ups from a Russian bot, which is killing my open rate. Come on, MailChimp!


Twitter is saying farewell to Vine, their six-second video app and consolation prize for missing out on Instagram.

Just call them the guardians of the Facebook content galaxy.

I have tremendous respect for the marketing machine that is T-Mobile CEO John Legere.

No one takes fantasy sports more serious than the people at Yahoo!, who create the technology to manage your league.

Esquire interviews the man who is trying to make Apple Music more popular than Spotify.

Ken Doctor knows the publishing industry better than just about anyone. Here are his Top 10 storylines for 2017.

The New York Times had the inside scoop on how the Time Warner deal with AT&T went down.

Kevin Durant made the personal choice, albeit an unpopular one, of joining the Golden State Warriors this off-season. Rolling Stone Magazine spent time with one of the NBA’s top players, a guy who was first class every time I interviewed him. He event Tweeted me a thanks one time.

Not sure I’m a believer, but this company is trying to become the Netflix of podcasts.

I dig The Information. I think the subscription is well worth the $400 a year and admire the entire site’s user experience. Nieman Lab caught up with founder Jessica Lessin to discuss how they’re trying to scale.

Donald Trump may have a lot of money (or does he?) and is spending a lot of it on Facebook. Bloomberg had a great look at his digital marketing team.

Struggling at work? Make strategic thinking a larger part of your role. Making it the larger part is the challenge.

Finally, we may all be able to move on from the mystery that is the Bermuda Triangle.

Rock and Roll.

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