Scott’s Newsletter #26

My kids love the Amazon Echo Dot in my home office — they can easily ask it to play their favorite songs. I LOL’ed at this spoof SNL did on Alexa a few weeks back.

Speaking of Amazon: TechCrunch had an amazing piece on why they’re such a dominant company.

WSJ had one of the smartest articles I’ve read in a while on how malls could be converted into e-commerce warehouses.

Here’s what the NYT R&D Lab is working on — a lot of similarities to what I’m working on at the NBA.

Ever wonder how much digital maps change over the course of a year? Wonder no more.

How far have we come in the last 10 years with the iPhone? Above Avalon takes us through the timeline.

Snap’s plans to take over television in the mobile era. That’s not anything new. Variety explains more.

The Information tackles the troubles with current news bundles.

Love the ambition of this teen, who writes a popular political newsletter (that also gets coverage in The Times).

Finally, here’s how far some production companies are going to prevent leaks.

Rock and Roll.

My last newsletter had an open rate of 45.4% (1.6%) — a record open rate (thank you!) and three straight weeks of increase.

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