Scott’s Newsletter #25

We made it to newsletter #25! Here’s what you should read this week…

Ben Thompson, of the amazing Stratechery newsletter, recently took on local news business models. A good read for local and national pubs.

Amazon unveiled the Echo Show two weeks ago. Chris Messina explored why the bad press was all wrong. SNL then parodied Alexa that Saturday.

The door handle decision took months. Imagine what that translates to at Apple’s new headquarters.

The Rock has quite the life. GQ spent a couple weeks with the movie star.

Microsoft believes they have an A.I. product to rival Apple, Google and Amazon.

Golden State Warriors assistant coach Mike Brown has had quite the journey since leaving LeBron in Cleveland.

TV ad buying isn’t on the decline despite digital’s attempts to steal market share.

Influencers are a big business. The New York Times explored whether their time is coming to an end.

Finally, meet the voice of Sportscenter.

Rock and Roll.

My last newsletter had an open rate of 43.8% (+1.3%).

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