Scott’s Newsletter #32


I’m trying to be realistic about how often I write a new blog post. If I write monthly, I’ll be in good shape. This month’s post is all about how what seems difficult, or even impossible today, may be easily achievable later on.


Retail is not dead. Physical retain, however, is struggling – especially for companies such as Sears. The New York Times had a great piece on their downfall.

Tap, tap, tap? Speak, speak, speak? I’m bullish on voice, which The Wall Street Journal (paywall) says will be the preferred digital interaction method of the next billion internet users.

The television landscape is ever-changing. The New York Times had a great overview on where major tech companies stand in the space.

Love this GeekWire story about how Starbucks is actually a tech company that happens to sell coffee.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post is transforming into a tech company that just happens to produce the news.

Google has always been the most proactive partner in helping publishers improve subscription revenue when content lives on their platform. They’re now rolling out with even more enhancements.

Meanwhile, subscriptions are definitely coming to Facebook Instant Articles, as confirmed by Zucks. Not sure it’s going to help improve positive mindshare for publishers.

If you want a new appreciation for life, read this Wired story.

Finally, I love central air. But not all of the United States has adopted the cooling method. The New York Times had a look at the history of A/C in the country.

Rock and Roll.

My last newsletter had an open rate of 50% (+17%).

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