Scott’s Newsletter #33

Here’s a reminder to read the blog post I wrote a couple weeks ago about impossibilities being only temporary.

Also, welcome to all my new students at NYU who signed up the last couple weeks. This is my third semester teaching at the school, second doing e-commerce marketing. It’s going to be an exciting couple months for these third-semester grad students.


Nice write-up by Seton Hall on my brother, Brian, and his company The BDS Agency.

Congrats to my team at the NBA for the release of G-Board stickers, and the mention in Tech Crunch.

Stratchery had a great overview of all the different voice platforms and their business models.

The direct-to-consumer wine market is getting bigger, mostly because regulations are starting to relax.

I often use the analogy that virtual reality is similar to 3D television. USA Today doesn’t disagree.

LinkedIn is one of my favorite social networks – not for news consumption. AdWeek explored why it’s hotter than ever.

Harvard Business Review dug into Netflix’ content strategy and how it’s altering production in Hollywood.

Whoever could have offered $2 (double the sale price) for The New York Daily News could have stolen the newspaper from Tronc. The trouble is all of those liability claims Tronc is also on the hook for.

Ever wonder how Facebook decides who to show you to connect with? This won’t reveal all, yet has some answers.

Speaking of Facebook, they’re shelling out millions to pay for the music rights to background music in video people post on its website. This all makes sense: the videos don’t get taken down, which doesn’t frustrate the user and they keep posting. YouTube went through something similar.

Finally, the Boston Red Sox got caught cheating – using the Apple Watch.

Rock and Roll.

My last newsletter had an open rate of 50% (+0%).

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