Scott’s Newsletter #39

This Fast Company feature on the Washington Post’s tech aspirations is one of the best I’ve read.

Platforms are focused on one thing: their own business. Amazon is no different, which has publishers on guard.

The music industry changed dramatically when streaming took hold. Silicon Valley is now backing (WSJ paywall) a new venture which leverages streaming data to improve artist marketing.

Bloomberg’s feature on why the HomePod’s road to market (now 2018) has been so long is fascinating.

I leased a new car recently. Signing the paperwork, I wondered if I’ll even need a car three years from now. Autonomy is coming. had some strong predictions.

Speaking of cars: turning the fuel that powers cars sometimes comes from a favorite drink of mine: wine.

My wife loves Stitch Fix. I love great business lessons. 25IQ spoke to SF’s founder about just that.

Nike’s new augmented reality experience (WSJ paywall) merges location, technology and e-commerce.

Just for fun: the making of Mighty Ducks, an oral history from The Hockey News.

Finally, the phone rings and it looks like a local number. But you pick up and it’s the FBI telling you you’re late on some payment. Sadly, spam is back.

Rock and Roll.

My last newsletter had an open rate of 59% (+11%).

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