Scott’s Newsletter #36

Love Giphy. One of my favorites for sending iMessages to my wife throughout the day. Giphy’s business model is also fascinating.

WeWork is another company I’m fascinated with. Forbes went behind the office door to explore how the billion-dollar business works.

When Facebook first pitched subscriptions at The Times, I knew circumventing Apple’s in-app purchase rules would be an issue.

The Atlantic went behind-the-scenes of Google’s lab focused on self-driving cars and other pie-in-the-sky ideas.

Snap’s stock has actually ticked higher in recent weeks. Could their new context cards help it get back to its IPO price?

Especially in here for my current and former NYU students: AdWeek’s list of Top 10 hot jobs in digital for years to come.

The New York Times interviewed Nike’s chief design officer. Preview: drawing every day is a requirement.

Apple CEO Tim Cook talked augmented reality with a UK pub. Speaking of AR, have you downloaded the NBA’s new app?

The NHL is getting serious about security and is close to implementing facial recognition software in their stadiums.

Finally, cold and flu season is here. The Guardian explored why we can’t cure the common cold.

Rock and Roll.

My last newsletter had an open rate of 37.4% (-2.6%).

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