Scott’s Newsletter #37

The New York Times thrived from the Trump Bump. The company’s focus is now on retaining those subscribers to reach 10 million active.

I’ve debated build vs. buy in the past. Tesla likes to go the build route.

TechCrunch makes a good point as to whether there will be another major start-up.

LinkedIn is considering creating original programming, according to The Information (paywall). I’m in if the focus is exclusively on productivity, business and management.

The Athletic is using a subscription model in local markets to grow. I see potential; however, its founder is quite confident…er, arrogant.

Forall you tech forecasters, this meaty deck from Michael Wolf is an amazing read. Preview: AR and AI are going to be big.

Axios interviewed Sara DeWitt, vice president of PBS Kids Digital. She hit a point right on the head: voice tech is amazing for young kids.

Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist is hit or miss for me. A blogger dug into the algorithm that determines how the company determines which songs go into the playlist each week.

Finally, had I had a Halloween event to attend this year, the Snap dancing hot dog would have been at the top of my costume list.

Rock and Roll.

My last newsletter had an open rate of 50% (+12.6%).

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