Scott’s Newsletter #38

The AP found a group of Silicon Valley residents who live out of their cars because the cost of housing is so high.

Where Apple is headed is drastically different from where they are today. Want a preview? Above Avalon (paywall) speculates.

Take a boring subject (banner ads) and turn it into an oral history, like Digiday did, and you get something interesting.

Television. Sports. The future of digital and linear streaming. Sports Business Journal (paywall) laid out some considerations networks have to explore moving forward.

Smart piece in VentureBeat about the Top 10 considerations for developing an augmented reality experience.

Leadership advice can come in many forms. There are many nuggets in this Joe Girardi (former NY Yankees manager) interview with The Athletic.

Gizmodo uncovers how Facebook figures out everyone you’ve ever met. It sounds so simple when you read about it.

I’ve long argued the Washington Post is a tech company more than it is a newspaper. The Drum agrees.

TechRepublic looked at all of MLB’s innovative products – and why Wi-Fi is so important at their stadiums.

Finally, I cut my commute down from almost two hours in the morning to 40 minutes after joining the NBA. Some smart people, however, continue to debate why we still commute in the first place.

Rock and Roll.

My last newsletter had an open rate of 48% (-2%).

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